Cleaning Rods & Brushes


Italian manufactured fibre glass cleaning rods and brushes specifically for #woodpellet #stoves


SIT Chimney Cleaning Rods & Brushes

SIT (Societa Italiana Technospazzole Spa) have manufactured a range of cleaning rods and brushes specifically for #woodpellet #stoves.

The ‘PuliPellet’ range are a tubular fibreglass rod with a plastic handle and nylon brush available in a 2m or 3m length. Soot will accumulate on any bends in the flue, which are generally close to the stove, hence the shorter lengths. There are 2 further options : 80mm brush only (green label) or 80mm & 100mm brush head (red label).

Our service technicians use the red labelled rods, when they clean any #woodpellet stoves. The extra 100mm brush helps to clean out any stubborn soot !

The ‘PuliPellet Flex Pro’ has a 100mm section at the brush end that is stainless steel wire to help push the brush head around those tricky 90degree bends.


If you’d like to watch a YouTube video on the Pulipellet cleaning rods, click here.